Live in the Moment of Now! Thanks for visiting!How many times have you had an idea that could change the course of your life only to talk yourself out of it? Our minds are programmed to be negative. Yes…sad but true. Actually, it’s a self-preservation mechanism that has been present […]

Are you Programmed for Negativity?

Once you begin to follow your Own True North–Life gets crazy awesome! About 2 weeks ago I was challenged by the #MMMKA experience to “Give More to Get More” If your like most people you will equate that to give more money to get more money. But, I’m here to […]

Give More Get More

I’m going out on a limb here and going to tell you about something I do once a month. Each month I am honored to be able to share my nursing knowledge with the Wonderful Wellness Warriors and their Guests during Essante Organics Thirst for Product Knowledge –Ask the Rn […]

Swimming Upstream!