Patti Vancil


Patti Vancil Patti Vancil is an industry leader and is known for her remarkable ability to take the complex and make it simple and easy to understand. Her love of computers, the internet and social media has allowed her to mentor hundreds of small business owners.

Patti’s down-home approach allows her to communicate with everyone from CEO’s to Stay-At-Home Mom’s on how to maneuver through the landmines of internet marketing and home computing. She is passionate about telling the whole truth that many leave out to keep lining their own personal pockets while draining yours.

Patti’s unique gift of using her nursing knowledge and translating that into the world of computers has allowed her to see “the whole picture” while drilling down to the simple tasks that make working online simple and easy.

She believes that everyone can succeed given the proper tools, strategies and education.

Patti has been happily married to Rodney Vancil for 30 years and is the proud Mom of Tasha & Brandon. She is also a new Grandma and loves spoiling her granddaughter!