Another Travel Scam is on the loose!


Thanks Rod Cook!

Jan 2012. The new scam just like Global Gas Card is a frugal scam reusing the software from Royal Cruise Matrix and before that US GAS REBATES. With all the recycling of software and saving money couldn’t these promoters run an honest company! There are still complaints coming in from Global Gas Card and people getting ripped off. Especially hard hit were people that signed up for ACH withdrawl from their bank accounts. They are still being hit! Editor’s Note: Read below Take a look, FIRST TRAVEL NETWORK! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS 2012 RE-CYCLE OF OLD SCAM!

Thanks Rod for once again alerting those in the network marketing industry of they shysters who pray on the innocent. I have been following Ron for a couple years and I sure wish I and many of my friends had listened to him. Ron has been in network marketing for longer than most people in the industry and he is in the know!

Don’t be fooled this year! go to Rod’s site and get on his email list…You will be glad you did



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