Are you Programmed for Negativity?

signs-of-negative-thinkingHow many times have you had an idea that could change the course of your life only to talk yourself out of it?

Our minds are programmed to be negative. Yes…sad but true. Actually, it’s a self-preservation mechanism that has been present from the beginning of time.  Our mind is the gateway to our heart and it works all too well.

So how do you overcome the negative mind, the self-preservation mode?

To do this..takes work

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves to learn what it takes?

To change your negative mind, you have to change the negative thoughts that you feed it. All the great thought leaders agree . To change your life you have to change your thoughts. But it wasn’t until I discovered a small truth that the pieces all fell together.

I call this the 5 Second Rule

We’ve all played this when someone drops a piece of bread on the floor. “Hurry, pick it up it’s only been 5 seconds!” Meaning that no cooties has had time to attach to the bread and it’s still edible.

Our minds work the same way. We have approximately 5-7 seconds from the time we have a thought or idea before it becomes contaminated with the cooties of the negative mind.

We make our decisions to do something, join something or buy something in the same amount of time. Think about the normal length of a commercial. It’s about 30 seconds long. Marketers know that in the first 10 seconds of the commercial you have made a decision to buy what they are selling. The remainder of the commercial is telling your negative mind all the benefits of why you need what they are selling.

Think about that the next time you see a commercial for Viagra!

So here’s the trick.

When you have a single idea–whether to call a friend, go a different way home, or what to eat for dinner. Count to Five and then listen to your mind begin to tell you all the reasons why you shouldn’t do that very thing–become the observer of your negative mind.

Once you become the observer of your thoughts you can begin to reprogram your thinking.

The next step in the process after you have spent sometime as the observer of your thoughts is to take action.

You have the idea to phone a friend…don’t hesitate, don’t talk yourself out of it…Do It Now

Keep a journal going of these thoughts and your actions–note the outcome of listening to your own ideas and thoughts.

My guess…you will soon be surprised how positive your mind can be as long a you take action on the original thought or idea.

Drop me a note below…let me know how the 5 Second Rule works for you!






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Patti is a Registered Nurse, Happily married for 30+ years and Supreme Grand Mom to Ms K. Special interests include Sign Language, Becoming better today than yesterday, and loving life while maintaining a keen sense of humor

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