How do I get Started? Where do I get Bitcoin?

Hold up there!

Before we can talk about how and where we must talk about security!

Always remember–This is not centralized banking and your funds are not secured by any Alphabet Group or Company

How to Stay Secure:  Andreas Antonopoulos

Most of this will make more sense once you begin.

How to Get Bitcoin

You can not go to the bank and ask them for Bitcoin (at least not at this writing–hang on, it’s coming)

  • You go to an Exchange and purchase Bitcoin with your Fiat Money (USD).  This can be an easy process or a lengthy drawn out one which is determined by the amount of Bitcoin you wish to purchase.

Remember, The reason for Cryptocurrency is anonymity. The More information you give to an exchange the less anonymous it is.

  • I recommend Coinbase .  Coinbase is simple and easy to use.  They will even reward you for your first deposit  of $100 with an extra $10 in Bitcoin!
  • You can get Bitcoin from someone who already owns Bitcoin
  • You can purchase it from Bitcoin ATM’s
  • You can earn Bitcoin by charging for your services in Bitcoin

I will go into other Exchanges at a later date as I know you are chomping at the bit (no pun intended) to get started.


As one Crypto Friend puts it–Let’s Get Rich Together!