Creating Image Ads for Craigslist

Creating Image Ads for Craigslist

Creating Image Ads for CraigslistThe stress free way of Creating Image Ads for Craigslist.

Creating Images ads  doesn’t need to be laborious or difficult, all you need is a few simple tools, some quiet time and an idea.

Needed Items

Google Search

Power Point

Jing (free from or Snagit (paid version with a few more bells and whistles)

PDF-Click to download

Steps for Creating Image Ads for Craigslist

Step 1

                Take some time to think about the ad. What are you trying to say? Who is your target market? Decide on what kind of image you would like to have in your ad.

Step 2

                Go to Google Search, go to Images and do a search for the image of your choice.  Once you have found the image, choose the full image version and “save image as”

Step 3

                Open Power Point and add your image and some text. Play around with your wording and image placement–add a call to action box–be creative–Be willing to learn from your mistakes.

Step 4

                Use Jing (Snagit) to capture your new image. Once in the Jing program save image as JPG or PNG


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You have now enjoyed the stress free way of creating image ads for Craigslist!



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