Did this Really Happen? 1

Oh Yes it DID!

Back in the day when I was 18 or so, I worked in a grocery store. Each time the grocery truck arrived we would whip out our box cutters and our labeling guns. We even had contests to see who could price out a box the fastest.

Just as fast as we would price all those groceries someone would pry those little sticky tags off and switch them with lower priced items. You could count on it. The one thing they didn’t realize was we knew which can or package had what price on them because we were the ones pricing them!

Over the years, the labeling gun has been phased out for higher technology. The scanner. Each item now arrives with it’s own special bar code that gets scanned in upon arrival. So how do you cheat such a system now you might ask….I never thought to ask until recently.

A couple weeks ago, I picked up a package of sliced ham. You know the kind that comes in those cute little tubs which are great for storage. The ham inside is vacuum packed but the container itself is held shut with a couple pieces of tape.

I was stunned when I realized the ham that I thought I bought was switched with a cheaper brand. The ham inside the container was still vacuum packed but the container was missing those little pieces of tape. Buyer Beware!

I find it hard to believe that with all the Tylenol scares and child-proof caps that the packaging industry has actually gone backwards.

I have a friend who related the Oreo cookie story. If you haven’t noticed lately, the Oreo cookie packages have a resealable  pull back on the top of the package.   Great and handy for getting to those Oreo’s quickly. But also handy for keeping young children quiet during momma’s shopping trip.  My friend’s sister had this very experience. She purchased some Oreo’s only to find, once she got home, that the package was half empty!


Moral of the story: Double check those packages before you put them in your shopping cart.



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One thought on “Did this Really Happen?

  • Melodie

    And that is just the cookies and the lunch meat! Don’t forget – caps can be unscrewed, breaking the seal. I guess super shopper has a double meaning these days!