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How many of us remember that raspy voice? That voice still haunts me to this day especially after caring for a patient with a broken hip, ankle or arm.

Plan and simple, Falls Happen.

The Statistics

· 1 out of 3 aged 65 or older will fall each year

· Falls are the leading cause of accidental death and injury-related visits to the emergency room. Nearly 1.8 million per year

· As you reach the age of 80 the number of falls increases to 1 out of 2

· 5-15%  will incur serious injury which include head trauma, soft tissue injury, fractures and dislocations

· Hip fractures account for 90% of all fall fractures. Hip fractures also often result in permanent disability or nursing home placement where the person is no longer able to care for themselves.

· In 2005 over 15,000 deaths were attributed to unintentional falls

· Men are more likely to die as a result of a fall

· Women are twice as likely to sustain a fracture than men

· Health care costs associated with falls in the year 2000: 19 Billion

· Hip fractures alone account for 2 billion a year in health care costs

· 60% have restricted mobility after a fall

· Fear of falling can reduce mobility, increase isolation and further increase decline of health status

· As Baby Boomers age the health care costs associated with falls are projected to increase to $54 Billion per year

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