Domains-Part Deux

Domains-Part Deux

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We left off with some pretty neat ideas on how to create a domain name. In this post we will discuss what to do with them and how to do it.

If you are creating a website then you will be using your domain name that you purchased as the domain for you site. So if you purchased www. buyithere . com then that would be the name of your website. Pretty straight forward and not much you really need to do other than set up your web site.

Today, most people use WordPress as their primary means of website construction. I will be going into more detail on WordPress versus website construction at a later date.

Back to the task at hand…

Have you ever clicked on a link that you thought was going one place but ended up somewhere totally different? What caused this strange anomaly?  No, your browser has not been taken over by the poltergeist it was basically re-directed or in other words, sent on a detour. Domain redirection allows you to have a domain name but have it point to another website.

For instance, You belong to a network marketing company and they have an awesome website but you can’t remember the full URL let alone tell someone else what it is. This is where redirection comes in handy. So instead of telling someone to visit mycompanywebsite/myname/myidnumber You would log into the place you purchased your domain from and go to the domain manager and utilize the redirect. Now will be able to tell someone your website’s name, such as myname. com and have that detour to your replicated company website.

There are two different avenues for re-direction. 1) simple forwarding & 2) forward with masking. Some company websites will not allow the second avenue so be sure to double check before wondering why it doesn’t work.

The differences are this: When you use the simple forward method the person clicking on your link will start with your www websitename but then be detoured. What shows in the browser bar is the formal name of the link IE: your company/yourname/yourid. If you choose the second option, the person will click on the link and continue to see your website name in the browser bar.

Much of this will get clearer once you have purchased your domain and begin to set up shop. I will also be doing a video with screen shots to better help you understand what all this is about.

Until then..Please comment or submit questions you may have and I will happily get you an answer!



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