Enlightened by Acupuncture!

As requested by Robin Lynn Brooks


You Want me to do What???

Ten years ago my life took a dramatic turn that I had never expected: I had a disc in my low back blow out. Mind you, this was not just a little herniation. When my disc blew it sent shards of bone down along the nerves and into the Cauda Equina region. These shards nestled themselves amongst my nerves and the two quickly became enemies…There’s a reason why our nerves are not on the outside of our bodies! They simply like to be lazy and not compete for living space.

Long story short, the nerves get really ticked off by the invasion of the bone shards and cause numbness to various regions of your lower body. Typically anywhere you would sit on a saddle goes numb and possibly loses function. For many, this loss of function can include the inability to walk or the ability to maintain bodily functions. Fortunately, once the bone fragments were removed, my loss wasn’t as severe as it has been for others that I have met.

But…ah yes the but…

Literally the butt and several close components remain numb long after surgery. Incompacitating..no..frustrating and painful..yes.

When this journey began we (my husband and I ) discussed acupuncture as a means to kick start the nerves. I just as quickly poo-pooed the idea as there was no way I was going to lay on a table  and have someone stick needles into my back. I had visions of a dark, musty smelling room and some Chinese guy speaking  to me in Mandarin.  Not my idea of sound medicine…Nope, I knew that the nerves regenerate at the size of a dime per year and at that rate my numbness would be gone by the time I was 99.

Speed forward 10 years. Call it Divine intervention, coincidence or a total breakdown in my ability to wait another 50-some years but I began to contemplate this avenue once again.

The subject came up with a co-worker who had been in a car accident. She swore by the healing effects of acupuncture and goes frequently to her acupuncturist for treatment. This began my wheels turning but yet, I remained an outsider looking in.

Second Divine intervention: Groupon. They say God works in mysterious ways…so Groupon it is.

Yep, the invitation to try acupuncture at a reduced rate landed in my inbox. I figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a try.

If nothing else, I would get 45 minutes of uninterrupted quiet. That alone was worth the price of admission!

After talking with Dr Crom, we decided to work on inflammation. Clinically, I understand this approach, reduce the inflammation in various areas and the nerves can behave in a normal environment.

I jumped up on the table and waited for him to begin. After about 5 minutes, I asked him if he was going to start putting the needles in and to my surprise he was well on his way in placing them along my meridians. Honestly, I felt a couple burning (more like heated) sensations but nothing else. Dr Crom does offer a needless approach for those of you who have a needle phobia.

In addition to feeling very relaxed, I noticed a warmth up and down my back that lasted for about 14 hours. Acupuncture is not a miracle-one- time approach. It is a gentle, non-invasive means to allow the body to correct itself. Too bad our insurance doesn’t see it as a viable form of health care!

I eagerly await my next appointment and will update you all on the progress!




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