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churchill-quote1Once you begin to follow your Own True North–Life gets crazy awesome!

About 2 weeks ago I was challenged by the #MMMKA experience to “Give More to Get More”

If your like most people you will equate that to give more money to get more money. But, I’m here to tell you it’s way more than that.

About the same time, I updated my DMP to state that I follow my True North I began adding to my Twitter followers/following and kept seeing this guy Joel Boggess 

Turns out this guy and his wife Pei have a podcast which by the way is one of the most amazing, positive shows I’ve ever listened to! They really understand the “give to get” philosophy!

Side note: Our old blueprint tries to keep us in doubt, fear and uncertainty by telling us things that we will listen to unless we are renewing our minds consistently. Enjoy my post titled Warp Speed

Back on track: I was asked by Joel & Pei what I got out of the recent podcast. Here is a summary of what Chad Jeffers had to say during his interview.

Mistakes for entrepreneurial rookies to avoid: Viewing people in the same field (in his case, musicians, authors, and speakers), as competitors.

Business advice:

1) Have an abundance mentality – realize that there is more than enough to go around;

2) Create alliances with people in the same industry and business; 

3) Play with as many people as you can; 

4)Push yourself to be better than you were yesterday;

 5) Be willing to become part of the fabric of your community.

Immediate action steps (If he were starting over from square one tomorrow) –

1) Keep creating;

 2) Find ways to help others and be of service;

 3) Make new friends;

 4) Create new opportunities.

Honestly, that is exactly what I got out of it! I had even taken notes without realizing it was on the website!

What I have really gotten from these podcasts and the other amazing things that are instantly showing up in my life is this:

Create your DMP (Definite Major Purpose). Read it daily, several times, Believe it will happen and hold on for the ride of your life!

The more attention I give to my DMP the more confirmation I get in life from ways I never expected. The more I give to you the more I will get in ways that I can only imagine as we continue this journey together!

Be Blessed




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