Make Your Dreams Come True

It all starts with a Dream

Make Your Dreams Come TrueHave you ever spent an afternoon writing out your dreams?

We have all heard that we should write out our goals and dreams. But why? Because doing so gives us a road map. Especially if we are working day in and day out to make ends meet. We have to know there is something more…something we can strive for and something to hope for.

A road map is a crystal clear direction that you take in order to realize those dreams and goals.

But first, you should either write or type out what you want. Don’t worry how extravagant or bizarre some of your dreams are…get them on paper. Be taking this one small step you are allowing your brain to now focus on pulling in the pieces that you need to succeed.

Vision boards became the rage after The Secret came out. I know we have one. Vision boards allow you to see in Technicolor what your dreams look like.

Review your list at least once a week. As you think of new dreams and desires…add them to your list. Don’t worry about prioritizing your list. Once you accomplish something simply mark through it. You might even want to date it onces you’ve accomplished it, sort of like a score card.

Some days it can actually be depressing looking at all the things that we want to accomplish but have no way of doing so given our current circumstances.

What do you do in that position? If your like me, you keep searching for a way to make it all work out.

Then you devise a plan for making it happen.

Once you have a plan it’s time to get busy putting that vision or dream plan into action.

“If there’s a will there’s a way”



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Patti is a Registered Nurse, Happily married for 30+ years and Supreme Grand Mom to Ms K. Special interests include Sign Language, Becoming better today than yesterday, and loving life while maintaining a keen sense of humor

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