KnoMe Review

cellphoneWe live in a mobile, fast-paced, cell phone driven world. The question becomes: How do you keep up with those hundreds of contacts? If your like me (and most people I know), you add a name to your phone or social media and then wonder who the heck is that and why are they in my phone or in my social media world?

Enter KnoMe.

KnoMe is the app that beautifully bridges the gap.

card collectionImagine this: Your talking to someone and you want to get their information. You scramble to either use your phone to enter their details in to your contacts, look for a piece of paper to write it down or grab their business card with the intention of entering it later. Now it’s later…You remember that person you were talking to but can’t recall their name or even what they looked like. Or you look at that piece of paper and/or business card and again your stuck. That contact is now lost it’s appeal and you have lost out on a great connection.

With KnoMe, you simply send them your KnoMe or they send you theirs and now you have a link to a virtual business card that is easily updated on the fly. Now you can see their face, what they are about, their social media, what they have been up to and much more.

And that just scratches the surface of what KnoMe can do!

Show Me KnoMe!

Be sure to browse around, hit all the buttons…go ahead you can’t break it! (trust me I’ve tried!)

Let’s talk about cost: To use KnoMe costs $7.00 a month. Not bad when you compare that to the umpteen different business cards you will go through in a years time. And as a added benefit and part of the KnoMe advantage is the ability to reach out into your KnoMe community. Let’s say your looking for a plumber. You can spend hours searching through your social media contacts or you can quickly search on your KnoMe app and find the plumbers that are linked to your connections! Click on their KnoMe and see if they are suited to your needs and easily connect. Simply Brilliant.

Take the KnoMe Tour

Bottom line. KnoMe is an inexpensive way to organize your life, your contacts and the way you do business

Go ahead…Get to KnoMe!



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