Live in the Moment of Now! Thanks for visiting!John Addison – PrePaid Legal Convention 2002   John Addison, Co-CEO of Primerica giving a great inspirational speech to the PPL Sales Associates on leaders, winning, self-motivation and dealing with adversity with a positive mental attitude. Likey, the best I have ever […]

John Addison – PrePaid Legal Convention 2002

Oh Yes it DID! Back in the day when I was 18 or so, I worked in a grocery store. Each time the grocery truck arrived we would whip out our box cutters and our labeling guns. We even had contests to see who could price out a box the […]

Did this Really Happen?

By Dr Robert Anthony One of the mistaken certainties or misconceptions most people operate under is that you get what you want in life by what you DO, or through the actions you take. Most people believe that the DOING or action part is what makes things happen. However, this causes you to […]

DOing with out doing