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Live in the Moment of Now! Thanks for visiting!When Life Throws You a Curve Ball Hit that Puppy out of the Park! Isn’t it amazing how life is going quite well and then WHAM here comes the curve ball! On Nov 10th, 2010 I was thrown one heck of a […]

When Life Throws You a Curve Ball

As requested by Robin Lynn Brooks   You Want me to do What??? Ten years ago my life took a dramatic turn that I had never expected: I had a disc in my low back blow out. Mind you, this was not just a little herniation. When my disc blew […]

Enlightened by Acupuncture!

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┬áThis article: Tips on Computer Maintenance maybe long but it will save you time, frustration and money. I often hear, “This dumb thing doesn’t work” to which I respond, “what doesn’t’ work?” The typical scenario goes on that a website doesn’t work. But, after digging deeper I find that it’s […]

Tips On Computer Maintenance