Live in the Moment of Now! Thanks for visiting!Did you know that you can’t tune a piano one time and expect it to last a lifetime? Our beliefs are like piano wires, we must keep re-tuning, re-defining them until we “set” in a new pattern of belief. The wires on […]

Your Belief is Like a Piano Wire

Domains Such a daunting word–DOMAIN. For some this can be a confusing and intimidating area. Let me break it down for you. A domain is nothing more than a name for a website it’s the part between www and .com Back when the web was young you could get easy […]

What’s in a Name

How many of us remember that raspy voice? That voice still haunts me to this day especially after caring for a patient with a broken hip, ankle or arm. Plan and simple, Falls Happen. The Statistics · 1 out of 3 aged 65 or older will fall each year · Falls are […]

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