Swimming Upstream!

salmon_2I’m going out on a limb here and going to tell you about something I do once a month.

Each month I am honored to be able to share my nursing knowledge with the Wonderful Wellness Warriors and their Guests during Essante Organics Thirst for Product Knowledge –Ask the Rn call.

Why is this swimming upstream? Because in the social media/blogging world one isn’t supposed to talk about one’s company. The “pros” tell you to brand yourself and not the company.

I agree to a point and also recommend that if you are creating a blog, Facebook Page, Twitter account or other media to brand yourself first.

This call is part of me 🙂  How can I not share with you the hours of research I do each and every month to provide a top-notch informative call?

I am reminded of that old saying “Don’t hide your light under a basket”

My goal is to provide the listener with information they can use in their lives and not just promoting the company and products.

Take for instance the call that I completed with the President of Essante Organics on Nov 13 2014. “Vitamin D and how to beat the winter blahs.”

To develop this 30 minute informative call I had spent approximately 10 hours reading everything I could on the benefits of Vitamin D. The effects on our bodies. The side effects, Who should take it, who shouldn’t take it, how much should you take. How is it processed by our bodies and much more.

I pour my whole being into creating a  credible, knowledgeable and informative call. I could take the easy way out and just regurgitate what you will find on a brochure. But that’s not my style. Nor do I feel it helps the listener to become their own health care advocate.

Most people reading this will grant me the grace to mention the company from time to time, But, honestly, some of them won’t.

To those who are in the first group–I Thank You for allowing me to share with you the knowledge I have gained over the many years while working within the health care industry and translating that knowledge into a field that I love.

Way down in the footer of this blog you will find the recordings to the calls that I have done. I hope you enjoy them as much as I had making them. The playlist will be updated from time to time so take a few moments to listen in as I share with each of you from my heart and my head 🙂

Be Blessed


PS Let your own Light Shine!

Looking forward to your comments!




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