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Such a daunting word–DOMAIN. For some this can be a confusing and intimidating area. Let me break it down for you.

A domain is nothing more than a name for a website it’s the part between www and .com

Back when the web was young you could get easy to remember domains for pennies. But, in todays world the easy ones are taken and the costs have increased so creating a domain name for your amazing website or even a re-directed (more on that in a minute) domain can be interesting.

For simplicity, I will be using godaddy in my examples. I have used GoDaddy for the past 5 years for my domain names. Go Daddy $7.49 .com Sale! Go Daddy can be a one stop shopping center for creating a website, hosting and domain selection. No matter who you choose for these services be sure you are comfortable with your selection because you will be working with them for years to come. Great customer service is KEY!

**side note** GoDaddy will attempt to upsell you on many of their products and for this reason I tend to use them for domain name registration rather than a one stop shop.

**side note** at any time you can find discounts for the purchase of your domains. GoDaddy typically charges $11.62 per year for a domain. Do a Google Search for the latest discount codes for GoDaddy.

OK..back to class…

Begin your search. You can start looking at ideas by popping them into to Google to see what’s out there or if your idea for a name is taken. The easiest thing for me is writing down some ideas and then popping them into the domain search provided by GoDaddy.

The popup will tell me if the domain is available or not. If not they will give you a list of alternatives. Some alternatives are .mobi (smartphone websites), .net, .info, .org and many more. They will also give you alternate ways to use the words you gave it in the beginning. Some of these can be really hilarious.

Tips on name selection:

Does it lead some one to action? IE: Buy now, click here, find out more,

When you run it all together does it look like something else or is it easily understandable?

Keyword selection: Do a search on your key words for your website. Mix them up and see what you come up with

Hyphenated names: For search engine optimization try hyphenated names. The search engines treat each word separately for higher page ranking. Use the hyphenated version for your hosted website (not replicated websites). Be sure to use the un-hyphenated version for your business cards and 301 redirects (more on redirects later).

Is it memorable? How easy is it to remember eatatjoesdinnerforgoodfoodonfriday.com versus eatatjoes.com?

Does it represent my company or what I am trying to convey to the world?

Think long term. We all love to have our NWM name in our domain. But what happens should you fall out of love with the company?

Enough for this post….stay tuned for Domains part Deux…



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Patti is a Registered Nurse, Happily married for 30+ years and Supreme Grand Mom to Ms K. Special interests include Sign Language, Becoming better today than yesterday, and loving life while maintaining a keen sense of humor

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2 thoughts on “What’s in a Name

  • Patti Post author

    Your right Melodie–You can get on a list to purchase a domain name that is already in use. Some of these domain names can go for thousands of dollars! Not my idea of website budget but if your looking to takeover a BIG name domain…then go right ahead.

    *Always read the fine print* WHAT?? Who ME?? LOL

    NWM=network marketing or the company your associated with.

  • Melodie

    Ok, the link now works. Interesting information on domain names. I’ve also had some ‘not so good’ experiences with domain name searching. What I learned, was never to search through a reseller site. I had the experience where they contacted me two weeks later advising me I had two weeks to purchase the name or it would be taken for reselling. That taught me to always look at Google search first – to see if it was being used by anyone else. If it is, then I check WhoIs to see when it will expire – and then consider whether I want to wait or choose another name. (p.s. what is NWM?)