Your Belief is Like a Piano Wire 1

Did you know that you can’t tune a piano one time and expect it to last a lifetime?

Our beliefs are like piano wires, we must keep re-tuning, re-defining them until we “set” in a new pattern of belief.

The wires on a piano have been in one position and enjoy being in that position. They are comfortable.. Their not sure if they really want to change. They know that once they get “in tune” they will play beautiful music…but still, they resist.

If a piano has not been tuned for a long time. The wires have become accustom to their position. A piano tuner knows that in order to re-set this pattern he must lovingly adjust the wires frequently until the wires are happy in their new position. He knows that as he is stretching the wires they are resisting. He knows that the very first time he adjusts them they will do everything in their power to return to their comfort zone. He knows in order for the piano to make beautiful music he must remain diligent in his attempt to bring the piano into harmony. The piano tuner has a plan.

You are both the piano and the piano tuner.

What belief is keeping you in your comfort zone? What belief do you need to continually stretch to bring it into harmony with your goals and your desires? How much resistance to change are you applying in your life?

Relax in the knowing that even if you find your self falling back into those same old belief systems that with your loving commitment to yourself you will bring about the desired change. Keep the faith…..continually adjust your mindset to align with your goals and dreams and before you know it you will be in that place of perfect harmony.

Think from the end, focus on the desired outcome.



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Patti is a Registered Nurse, Happily married for 30+ years and Supreme Grand Mom to Ms K. Special interests include Sign Language, Becoming better today than yesterday, and loving life while maintaining a keen sense of humor

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